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In addition to the Archimede SportTaucher M, Archimede still offers the SportTaucher A which offers a different bezel and white dial option. Prices for the watch start at 5 on the shark skin strap and ,065 for the watch on the metal bracelet and can be purchased online via Archimede's website.

Edox Class-1 Chronoffshore Limited Edition Watch

Edox Class-1 Chronoffshore Limited Edition Watch

Inside the P'6620 is the 7753 version of the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph. It is basically the same movement with a different layout. I don't however like that there is an inset case pusher to adjust the date. That never seemed necessary to me with these movements. Flip the watch over and you'll see the highly decorated movement through the sapphire crystal exhibition caseback window. Look at all the perlage and those blued-steel screws. The custom rotor is on ceramic ball bearings and has such a cool BBS style wheel design. They just know how to make the 7753 look like a million bucks.

At The Maurice Lacroix Watch Manufacture  Inside the Manufacture

On the back of the limited edition Aero Bang 44mm Oscar Niemeyer is an engraving of the Brazilian National Congress - a building that Niemeyer designed. Looking at his designs I think I know who designed Mos Eisely on Tatooine for Star Wars. Seriously right? That and the Space Mountain ride building at Disneyland. Niemeyer's interesting sense of shapes, light colors and mid 20th century futurism are easy to appreciate today. Looks like the majority of his buildings are in Brazil and Spain.

Case-back of Monaco: Rock the Rock engraving — unique piece representing the Rock

The lugless case design is attractive and I overall like the style of the watch. It works well and is polished in its look. John Isaac matches the Rough Sea with a buffalo leather strap with folding clasp. They also provide an additional rubber strap, which should go well with this look. Price for the John Isaac Rough Sea watch 1,990 Swiss Francs and you can get them online via their website.

Bell & Ross BR 01-92 Carbon Watch Review

Bell & Ross BR 01-92 Carbon Watch Review

Japanese Miyota Targets Swiss ETA With Caliber 9000 Series Watch Movements Watch Industry News

Unlike the rest of the No. 8 collection for men, the 878 models features a manually wound movement being the ETA calibre 7001 with a subsidary seconds dial. Arguably the only dis-tasteful part of the dials is the label "Limited Edition" printed in the subdial. One of the coolest elements of the men's Number 8 watch was the fact that some of them came with woven leather straps - you know, just like woven belts. This feature really made them unique. A lot of these 878 watches are floating around. Street prices for them are a few thousand below their original cost, and you have just about every variant to choose form. A steel one will run you about ,000 for a well-made, attractive men's watch with a sophisticated yet casual look to it. Double that price for a gold one. See one of these Bedat & Co. No. 8 Ref 878 watches for men on James List here.

Last Chance: Vintage Omega Speedmaster Watch Giveaway

Last Chance: Vintage Omega Speedmaster Watch Giveaway

Containing a Blancpain manufacture-made caliver 15B manually wound movement, Blainpain hand-engraves each movement with some scene. Ideally, the scene is custom ordered by the customer. For Only Watch 2011, they created one with a scene from Monaco. For those that are not special ordered per se, Blancpain will select and engrave landscapes and landmarks from places such as Switzerland, France, Japan, China, and Hong Kong (gee, I wonder where Blancpain watches are being sold most). Look out for a later article with some more interesting details on this engraving process.

You guys think we are down on Panerai, so we express our true feelings.


Urwerk UR-110 Torpedo Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Plus, if there was ever a firm that doesn't laud their connection to a famous car company it is Porsche Design. It is true that they are not the same company, but they are familially related. There are only clever and slick connections to the cars rather than loud and distracting marketing statements about that fact. What you have are model names like "Dashboard" and a few others that directly relate to Porsche models, and things like automatic rotors that are meant to look like wheels. These products are 100% distinct from Porsche cars and the automotive world if you wish to view it in that way.

Book Review - John Reardon's Patek Philippe In America: Marketing The World's Foremost Watch Book Reviews

If you are a dedicated watch follower, then by now you know that 2012 is the year of the Pilot watch for IWC. Last week I shared my thoughts on the new for 2012 IWC Pilot Chronograph Top Gun Miramar watch here. Now I get to share with you the entire collection of new Pilot watches from the brand. You'll notice that there are more new Top Gun watches including a non-chronograph automatic with a seven day power reserve, some updated classics, and a new very much modern military look to the pieces.

Patek Philippe 5270 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

When my Bathys Benthic Ti arrived over a week ago, the first thing I did was pull out my recently acquired 1962 Omega Seamaster. I love my Omega. it has a definite 60's vibe which sits well with me, thank you very much. It reeks of three martini lunches and steno pools.

The Calibre is deceptively large. Seeing it in a store window I would bet money it was larger than its 42mm wide size might suggest. Thanks to a hefty crown guard and large, widely spaced lugs this watch is one of the best optical illusions around. Thanks to the lugs allowing the bottom to wrap around your wrist, this watch is quite comfortable to wear and in addition to that, the piece does not have a tall profile.

- Power Reserve Indicator

So how about that black phantom model? I think the steel case with silver dial and blue strap is pretty nice. Dwiss tends to think that the Emme watches will be successful in Brazil. If the quality and design are good enough I can see these being more widely available. Prices are from 1,600 - 1,900 Swiss Francs.

HYT H1 Hydro Mechanical Watch

HYT H1 Hydro Mechanical Watch

The emphasis on design continues on the case back. Instead of model number, depth rating and the like you have this:

Looking for something classy, a dress watch to round out your collection of Tag Formula 1s and Chase-Durer watches? How about a real men’s Omega Constellation for under 0? It’s lot #238, here’s a pic of the dial, and don’t miss one of the best casebacks in watch history. Though be aware, the case is 36mm, which will seem diminutive if you’re a Paneristi.

Good movement makers can be awfully choosy. ETA has such a high demand that need to approve your project before selling movements to you. ETA makes a number of quartz and mechanical movements, and are the most sought after in Switzerland from a volume perspective. ETA will further restrict the movements they sell to brands outside of its parent group to fully made movement. This takes the cost per a movement into a totally different echelon.

December Watch Winner Round-Up Giveaways

Inside the watch is the Vulcain manufactured Cricket V-22 movement. Cricket movements have been refined by Vulcain for something like 60 years now. Each Cricket movement has the time, and an alarm. This model also has the date, and features automatic winding. The rotor is anthracite gray coated and is mounted to the movement using ceramic ball bearings for winding efficiency. The case is water resistant to 50 meters. I wish it was more, but having any water resistance and being able to be loud is a difficult feat for any watch that is made to produce noises.

Easy and fast to swap straps, and unusually strong.

Piaget Dragon Watches Watch Releases

Itay Noy X-Ray Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews