Popular Watchmakers Sign New Book At Basel

Popular Watchmakers Sign New Book At Basel

Price for these watches is likely a couple thousand dollars. Not too much more than that I am sure. For that price they are indeed a splurge for most of the people in my mind that will like them here in the US, but not something that is so expensive you just scoff and shake your head. Any understanding of the Swiss watch market will rather easily justify these prices. While the RSW Outland 3H isn't a watch revolution, it is a fresh look, with a mind for a market that largely ignores watches but shouldn't. How to capture 'generation .com' isn't clear, but doing so with cheeky watches that look like what your uncle wore back in 1979 isn't necessarily the best way of going about it. At the same time, the Outland 3H is nifty watch novelty that should speak nicely to enough people. Look for it soon.

RSW Outland 3H Watch Hands-On Review Hands-On
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RSW Outland 3H Watch Hands-On Review Hands-On
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RSW Outland 3H Watch Hands-On Review Hands-On
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RSW Outland 3H Watch Hands-On Review Hands-On
6 Slot Watch Winder Programmable LCD Digital Rosewood
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Hands on this watch bring images of military instruments to my mind and dial has made a bold move towards readability, nice amount of empty space. On dial you can clearly see "room" below 12 o'clock marker, which to me yells utilitarian design. Keeping the dial uncluttered helps reading the time, which is super easy to do at glance with this piece. Dial markings as well as hands are covered in super luminova which illuminate the dial nicely and gives this watch superb night readability.

-Hours,Minutes, seconds at centre
-Day/night with disc placed at 12 for local time, the first rays of the sun appearing at 6 am and disappearing at 6 pm making way during night for the display of the moon and stars
-Big GMT placed at 7h ( Dual time zone) 18.50mm independent of the earth globe
-Date with retrograde hand placed at 2h

The smallest version will be just 34mm wide and will contain the manually wound movement. It is a shrunken version of the Automatic mostly, with the date function removed.

While most watch cases feel like more cohesive chunks of metal, the MH4 is a more open, skeletal design. A major function of the case is to provide a view into the movement. Aside from the transparent sapphire crystals on the case, MB&F designed the watch to have movement views from all angles. You can't help but immediately notice the large sapphire crystal piece in the middle of the pods section. This large section of sapphire is extremely tough to make, and costs more than many types of in-house made mechanical movements cost to manufacture. There is one supplier in the world that MB&F goes to to get this exotic cuts of sapphire crystal. It might be a pain in the ass for them, but the results speak for themselves. I think this trend should be carried over to cars - such that they have transparent hoods over the engine.

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There will be three versions of the Bovet Pininfarina Tourbillon Ottana watch, one with this DLC coated steel and titanium case, and another two models in titanium, with either 18k white or rose gold bezels instead of the black DLC bezel. The case is going to be 46mm wide and very complex in construction. There are 8 phrases engraved on the side of the case that each represent one decade of Pininfarina's existence. See below for the text of the phrases (you will have to translate them). The case is attractive. Nothing ultra-exciting, but then again, I might have to get my hands on it to change my opinion. This is often the case with such timepieces. You can see the large pocket watch style crown at the top of the watch with the guard over it. Most Bovet watches share this design trait.

The ongoing stream of retro watch re-releases continues. The culprit this time is Eterna - the brand who makes all the Porsche Design watches (these days). Back with a vengeance, this watch is really suited to driving around in your DMC DeLorean. Now there is a item begging for a proper release! I  heard that a company in Texas bought the rights to the DeLorean name. They make money refitting older ones to actually kick-ass levels (better than original even - in terms of performance, engine, etc...). Plus, they are supposedly working on a new model! Tell me that this new Porsche Design Heritage P6530 watch doesn't belong in bed with a DeLorean? A match made in heaven. I think we need more stainless steel cars without paint. I mean we have it on blenders and refrigerators, why not on cars again?

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Breguet's famous Type XX watches are among the first high-end timepieces that I fell in love with back in college. I couldn't afford one then, and I still don't have one today, but the dream of owning one of the Breguet "Type" aviator style watches remains strong. They come in a few varieties, such as the Type XX, Type XXI, and the newer (and sort of silly) Type XXII.

Tough for some people is going to be the price of the Mark VIII D 033 watch at,500. Yes, the piece is a limited edition of just 250 pieces, with the edition number engraved on the case side, but there are a lot of options in this range. Fans of Mr. Johansson's career and designs won't see too much stopping them. Plus, the brand is only getting better and I expect to see more polished watches and designs coming soon. From pro racer to pro watch designer, this is watch industry name... to watch. Oh, and imagine the watch on a cool (and available) python strap.



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I really think that everyone needs a wildly well-lumed "Émail-lumineuse" -based watch by Angular Momentum. The compound is a special enamel and luminant mixture that they do so well. You've seen lume, and then you've seen Angular Momentum lume. You'll be reminded of the Jungle scenes at night in the new Avatar movie. See what I mean? All those bioluminescent tones together make for lots of eye candy. Angular Momentum has been playing with designs and this is one of the newer ones. Part radioactive warning, and part cuttle fish, this latest Freehand TEC/A13 watch is an interesting sign of the designs to come. I really like the large luminant dots on the bezel that continue mirrored on the side of the  bezel. This is a very interesting style and I think it works really well.

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