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The steel case is done in what Linde Werdelin calls "steel microbille" That is fancy talk for it having a sand or bead-blasted case finish. There needs to be some serious naming standards in the watch industry applied to keep us from being permanently confused.

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On the back of the watch is an engraved caseback with a manta ray motif. I discuss this more in the video portion of the review. Inside the watch is a Swiss automatic 2824-2 automatic movement. Really nice to see that feature for the price of the watch. One of the things that Prometheus wanted to offer with the Manta Ray was a series of dial options. There are actually a total of eight dial styles to choose from. Two of them are black, two of them are orange, and two of them are white. This model for example has the Orange Dial 1O.

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Frequency:                               18’000 Vibrations / hour (2.5 Hz)

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Stolas Harbormaster Spinnaker Watch Review

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I really do enjoy the design of the movement. It is very classic in form and execution with an emphasis on aesthetic and traditional decoration. On the mainspring barrel you'll find a hand-engraved "Eva Leube" logo. The question comes up for me "is it a woman's watch or a men's watch?" I don't actually know if it is either. I am inclined to place it in the "unisex" category - a category I dislike. There are three types of watches out there in my opinion. Men's watch, women's watches, and men's watches that a woman would be happy to wear. Though on occasion I have discovered a fourth category which is the always amusing "women's watch that certain men will wear."  In which does the Ari fall in to?

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Accuracy of course: -10/+15 sec per day

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[Ed. note - I just wanted to mention that in addition to Paul's excellent review thoughts, I love how the crown guards and right strap lug are designed together for a very slick, integrated look. This is a fantastic high-end diver that should be on people's list when looking to spend in the ,000 range for a top-notch luxury diver that actually has credibility "in the field."]

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Vote For Omega Fan Photo Giveaway Winners

Interviewing Omega’s CEO Stephen Urquahart is always enlightening. A knowledgeable man, Urquhart comes across as a man who appreciates the high-level of responsibility involved in running a brand like Omega. Each design probably includes a degree of “you can’t please everyone.” The pluses and minuses of choices are balanced with the long-term good of the brand. While maintaining brand DNA, and those items which Omega are best known for, the brand must also innovate. At the same time, Omega is striving to upgrade its status in the market place — a move many brands seem to aspire to. I don’t quite understand the motives behind this latter goal as Omega is currently able to sell a very large amount of watches every year. My suspicion is that it has a lot to do with the more long-term goal on increasing the value perception of mechanical watches to a mass public used to Quartz watches.

Winding of the watch in position 0, clock wise

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12-hour counter at pos. 6 h, Day / Date indication

The price for the Phosphor World Time watch ranges from 0 - 5. This version with the black polyurethane strap is also available with a white strap. The leather strapped version costs 5, and the top model includes the steel bracelet. Get your self an e-Ink watch if you don't have one yet - they are worth it to wear even just ones in a while. People seeming me wear these watches love them, so I assume they'd make good gifts as well. Learn more or get one from Phosphor here.

I previously discussed the Sporting Watch with Elm Burl Wood dial here. Now however I have the full hands-on experience and get to show this watch off. Of course the first thing I noticed was the wood on the dial - and is much nicer than the faux plastic wood in that old Buick you once had. It looks very nice and will never appear to be anything but real polished and treated wood. Unlike Mr. Lauren, I don't get to drive around in vintage (or new) Bugattis, but wearing this watch made me feel just one step closer to being... his valet driver.

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At first I found this watch boring, but the more I understand what it is for, the more I appreciate the strict utility concept behind it. You can see more images of the watch at Archimede's website. Inside the watch is a Swiss Sellita SW200 automatic movement. Price for the Archimede Outdoor is 5 on the leather strap and 5 on the steel bracelet, and they can be ordered online from Archimede here.

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Tag Heuer Monza Automatic Chronograph Calibre 36 “Re-Edition” Watch

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