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Aesthetically, the white is very pleasing in the flesh, very bright with red accents highlighting certain parts of the semi-openworked dial. The dial layout itself is probably a bit more legible than the previous 'regular' edition of the same watch due to the colour. It is a very summertime watch, and at this time of year would look great with a nice polo shirt, with a linen get-up while relaxing on the deck of your yacht in St Tropez, or hanging out the side of your Bugatti Veyron as you prowl around Monaco. Of course the watch is made to be loud and proud, and that is what the brand is about, so better to embrace it! A casually styled high horology watch is not something that has been the norm up until recently, and minute repeaters in large sports watch cases are even rarer.

Bell & Ross Vintage BR Sport Watch Hands-On Hands-On

In the hand, it feels lighter than you'd expect. Less dense. Very smooth and polished.

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Vostok Europe Anchar Diver Watch Review

Vostok Europe Anchar Diver Watch Review
Vostok Europe Anchar Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews
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Large titanium pushers offer the ability to easily operate the various functions that include alarm, perpetual calendar, chronograph, timer, and second time zone. The dial depsite the LCD screens is very legible and modern with a classic tint. The Spacemaster dial has SuperLumiNova all over it for night viewing as well.

The chronograph function in the Type XXII 388ST doesn't use any of the subsidiary dials. Instead, it uses two centrally placed hands for the seconds and minutes. The chronograph seconds hand moves around the entire dial each 30 seconds. Yes, it can get confusing. The minute hand "steps" two times each minute. Meaning there is a halfway position so that you know if the chronograph seconds hand is measuring the first or second half of that corresponding minute. Using the hash marks on the periphery of the dial, you can determine the 1/10 of a second fractional reading.

Do I need to go on with another rant on how the watch industry needs to stop naming their own watches? There are literally only a handful of brands that know properly title and market their watches. With such cleverness in design, how is there so little effort put into simple things like words. Ferragamo for example is a serious fashion industry name - really into image and classiness, and all that good stuff that sells clothing. How is it that with their talent and the serious machine that is Timex, no one is on "good watch name duty?"

How many brands needed to have a "Master" watch back then (and today I guess?). With all the Seamasters and GMT Masters being so popular, everyone seemed to want a "Master" in their collection. I am still looking for the "Tickmaster." The Marinemaster Vintage is meant to be a more or less specific re-issue of a classic Fortis piece from the 1970s. I think it was called the Marinemaster - sounds likely enough. According t0 Fortis they have been selling watches with the "Marinemaster" name since the 1940s.

(Note: this article was written to generally inform watch lovers about various materials and is very simplified in order to cover a lot of topics briefly.)

RLH Watch Events by Los Angeles & New York City

RLH Watch Events by Los Angeles & New York City

I have to say that the system works pretty well. No real lag times, and the system is responsive. The watch is what it is and isn't very confusing. Functions include the time, second time zone, alarm, chronograph, and date. There is also a backlight. With only a minor learning curve, the piece is easy to use - but you do need to learn how it works initially. The most quirky part of the watch is the display style. The strange looking font is meant to be unique and modern, but can hamper legibility until you get used to it. The main display focuses on the seconds counter while the time is read below. These are numerals you either will or will not get used to over time. The kids won't have much problems though.

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Full Pave: A Collection Of Diamond-Studded Swiss Watches Watch Style

The Timewriter II Chronographe Bi-Frequence 1000 will be a limited production watch - of just 36 pieces. The case is 47mm wide in 18k white gold. It might take a bit for the boys in Villeret to get it primed for commercial production. As I mentioned, the watch will be part of Montblanc's highest-end production of watches that are made in the Villeret facility. It is pretty darn cool and for the privilege to own this little number it will cost just a tad over 5,000.

RLH Event: Watch Lover Meetup In New York City May 2nd

RLH Event: Watch Lover Meetup In New York City May 2nd

Assuming the design of the case appeals to you, there is a lot to like about this product. First of all, it has an in-house made automatic movement called the Bulgari Caliber BVL 193. While not revolutionary, Bulgari hopes that it will help assert the product as unique and help the brand continue to position itself as a movement maker. To be honest, with some of the brand's assets from its acquisitions, they produce some of the most interesting high-end mechanical movements around. I believe the BVL 193 is a new movement in the Octo watch, and should hint that Bulgari (like many other brands) is quite serious about a more mass-produced in-house movement. The BVL 193 offers the time and date, with a 50 hour power reserve (could have been a bit more given the two barrels).

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What I said to Dubey & Schaldenbrand is that the Grand Dome watches have a distinct look but also feel acceptably traditional. That means they look unique but are also not outside the range of "I can visualize myself wearing that because it is a look I am familiar with". There is a lot of cool stuff coming from the brand - and even a new tourbillon for 2012. The brand wants to offer nice stuff at a mid to higher-range luxury price point. Even the Grand Dome models come in versions with diamonds (also ladies pieces). Prices start at ,300, jump up to about ,000, then up to around ,000, and then top out at ,850.

David Yurman Revolution Shelby 1000 Limited Edition Watch

David Yurman Revolution Shelby 1000 Limited Edition Watch

Bulgari Octo Watch Watch Releases

Ball For BMW Full Watch Collection Watch Releases

LUM-TEC V Series V3 Phantom Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Daniel Dreifuss of Maurice de Mauriac in Zurich is as wild about straps as he is watches. Sometimes maybe even MORE excited. The boutique brand's founder is perpetually in search of exciting new straps, strap makers, and materials. This is a labor of love that has him looking for the finest ways to attach his watches to your wrist.

Bulgari GG Gefica Hunter GMT Moon Phase Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Dubey & Schaldenbrand Grand Dome Watch Hands-On Hands-On

The model with the white dial has a clean look to it with mostly baton hour markers. The 12 o'clock Arabic numeral is done with a brushed finish. This is a good idea because at this price a chromed hour marker would look bad. This is one example of how the designers understood the materials enough to make things look as good as possible. Another nice detail is the crown guard on the model with the metallic blue dial. Not only does the dial have more than one level, but this unique little crown guard design is an unexpected treat for the price.

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Of all of the Autodromo models, I prefer Veloce as it has bright white hands and, apart from some subtle shading, the minute track runs along the entire edge of the dial, which is not the case with their other models. The Veloce, despite its lack of a second hand, seems like the most viable option as a daily wearer as the design offers an easy to read display, date, and even a splash of color on the dial which mimics the red line of a tachometer. The lugless case design is carried over from Autodromo's other models, as is the 20mm tropic-style leather strap which looks really nice when combined with the automotive motif. The Veloce is also quartz powered and its 42 x 10mm case can be had in a stainless or a black PVD finish for 5 USD.

Ball For BMW Full Watch Collection Watch Releases