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The Longio Automatic SG3824E watch comes on a nice reptile embossed black leather strap with a nice butterfly fold over clasp. For what you get, the price is reasonable at 0. Longio is serious about their watches, and I am not the only person I know that likes their stuff. It even comes in a nice box. If you are looking for a nice quality Chinese watch, with region character, and years of know-how to understand what goes into watch making, a Longio watch is a good choice.

The watches here contain one of two movements. First is the Omega Caliber 3313 Co-Axial automatic movement that is the more classic looking tri-compax chronograph with three subdials. This is placed in the Seamaster models. Then there is my favorite, the Omega Caliber 3888 Co-Axial automatic movement first seen in 2008 on this limited edition Omega Summer Olympics watch. The very cool movement features five subdials that look like the Olympic rings. Functions on the 3888 movement are interesting. In addition to a week long chronograph, is a day-date calendar (date is shown in a window at 6 o'clock). Not sure how useful the seven day long chronograph is, or is that is exactly what odd chronograph dial is used for - Omega isn't clear on that exactly. Both movements are of course automatics, and likely all COSC Chronometer certified.

Accompanying the watch is a matching luxurious Dievas waterproof genuine leather strap. All the straps are made using the best Italian leather and tested for water resistance suitable for use in all conditions.

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Parmigiani Will Use Bubbles To Prevent Watch Replicas With Prooftag Watch Industry News

See Rolex Daytona watches on eBay here.The Idiot's Allure Of The Rolex Daytona Watch Feature Articles

Catering to fashionistas with different fashion senses, Gucci has designed the Marina Chain Collection in Sold Yellow Gold - Stainless Steel- and a combination of the two. On top of the metal options, diamonds are, of course, another option to customize your watch. I usually don't like Stainless Steel/Yellow Gold combos - kinda reminds me of the 80s - but in this case, it seems to be the best option. This way, you can see the Marina Chain links, which are the most interesting part of this watch.

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While the line is still in its infancy, Swarovski is already proving how in touch they are with women, fashion, and timepiece trends, by designing various, fashion-forward and classic collections. With that in mind, Swarovski has created a Sports Collection that actually impresses me. I'm usually very critical of Sports Watches for Women - as SO many brands have created such out of touch ones. But even with the expected addition of Crystals here, it works.

Anyhow, the watch is meant to be the most complex Grande Sonnerie watch in the world. This is not to be confused with the most complex watch in the world - the Jaeger LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie - which itself has many sonnerie functions. Ideally, if you want to feel really cool, you could drop almost .5 million bucks and get both of them. Looking at both of the masterful watches, I get the feeling that they share a lot in common. Both have off-centered watch faces, both attempt to delight you in their mechanical splendor by giving you large open dials with lots of almost pornographic views into the movement (front and rear!), and both just want to be loved and find a good home with you! While 30 Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie watches will be around, the Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic limited edition will only have 10 pieces - each taking about a year to make.

Arpa and a few others have collaborated on a new watch concept called the Black Belt Watch. The idea is a watch that will only be sold to people who actually have earned black belts. The watch will be officially launched at the end of October, 2009 at a martial arts fighting event. Black belts who want to buy the watch won't be limited to any specific type of martial arts. Any type will do assuming you have achieved the highest level of expertise. When placing an order for the watch, you need to attach a copy of your black belt award certificate.

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The Jean Dunand Shabaka is one of the most difficult watches to sum up. It is likely to be a polarizing timepiece taste-wise. Personally I enjoy the design a great deal, though I can easily see how how some people would feel otherwise. Take the hands for example. Jean Dunand calls them "skyscraper hands." I can see that. They look almost identical to the Transamerica building here in San Francisco that has a pyramid with spire shape. It is true that the watch can be defined more as a work of art than a hardcore timepiece - insofar that you can get carried away in looking at the dial and the complicated construction of the watch, forgetting to read the time. For me, it is a powerful design. It is a look that can be blown up and placed on the wall and still look good. It looks good on a watch, and I can even see derivatives of the design made that would also look great for another watch, or even a larger clock if Jean Dunand wished to produce such a piece.

With the changing climate of consumer spending, even in the once-sacred luxury goods market, brands such as Swarovski are poised to do well - if they keep at it correctly. Everyone loves crystals... Even when they say they don't, they do. They catch your eye when the light hits it - they match ANY outfit - and are just fun. And, when it comes to Swarovski, there really is no other brand - company - designer out there that do crystals like Swarovski does crystals. They are the masters.

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aBlogtoRead.com 2CAN Watch Giveaway Winner

aBlogtoRead.com 2CAN Watch Giveaway Winner
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I like the neat looking perforated dial and the moving lugs. Rok thinks that the watch fits well on his wrist and loves the looks. Here are more words straight from him:

Attached to the watch is the requisite metal chain attached to the belt loop clip. You can remove the chain easily if you like. I tried to think about gripes I had for the watch. I really can't think of too much given the price. There are a few things about the pocket watch that make it feel different compared to other pocket watches. Such as the shape of the entire case and of course the size. Plus, you'll need to see how to incorporate a pocket watch into your life. But those are part of what the watch are, not really a problem with it. The dial is clean, easy to use and attractive. As a first manually wound mechanical movement, the caliber is just fine, and the fit and finish on the watch is good for the price of about 0 (retail is 0, but all prices online are closer to 0 or less). Also, even if you don't see yourself getting a pocket watch, apparently they make good gifts.

Last are the Omega Olympics Timeless De Ville 5-Counter Chronograph and the Olympic Timeless Planet Ocean Chronograph Ladies watches. These are pretty straight forward really. You know the movements, you know the style. They are simple revisions of other Omega styles. The De Ville is in steel and 44mm wide with an alligator strap, and a very clean white face. Price for it is 5,760 euros. The most expensive of the bunch oddly enough. Last is the ladies Planet Ocean that looks good but quite masculine. Size is for the ladies though at 37.5mm wide. Price for it is 4,530 euros. Again, I am not sure about US prices or when the watches will be available (though likely early next  year). I do however think that they are a great idea for Omega and look forward to seeing them soon.

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TX put the 400 series watches in a big case, 46mm wide actually. It doesn't feel so big, but would dwarf a classic Rolex Datejust that was just 36mm wide. The crown is very impressive with its relief "TX' logo that is something hard to find on watches such as this. Really nice touch. The case is further water resistant to 100 meters and has an almost flush, flat sapphire crustal that looks to have AR coating applied on the back of the crystal. You can tell that the smooth polished bezel, dial accents, hands, and crown and pusher are all gold toned adding to that classic look. The rest of the steel case has some contrasting polished and brushed finishing. The level of polish is pretty good as you notice it distinctly. I want to mention the size of the watch again, because I think if "dad" (which might be you), or someone else in that hegemonic man role thinks the watch is too big in comparison to their old watch... I would simply recommend giving it a try. Then they will find it hard to go back to 'ol' small and dainty' every again.

With all the delicate craftsmanship at work inside - the case carries a very hefty presence, too - A solid 44mm presence, that is. The Dior Christal Mysterieuse reflects the aesthetic of the Art Deco movement, with definite nods to Kinetic art - in that it contains moving parts and depends on motion for its effect. Inset in the steel case are black sapphire plates used to create the bezel design.

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Last Chance To Enter For The Free Orient Mako Automatic Watch

Last Chance To Enter For The Free Orient Mako Automatic Watch
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Replica Rolex Datejust II

See Angular Momentum watches on eBay here.

Casio Baby-G BG5602-9 Ladies' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Now on to the screen and functions. There are four displays that you can choose to look at, and each in either the positive or negative color tone. What I mean by the latter is that by pressing the right pusher on the watch in any screen will juxtapose the colors. For instance if the numbers are dark, and the background is light, press the button and the numbers before light, and the background dark. The four screens show: 1) the time with stacked hours and minutes,  a calendar with stacked date and month, the alarm setting, and an alternative time display with a semi-analog hour on top of digital minutes. The watch also has an adjustable tone that will beep on each hour, but this can be turned off. The pushers are easy to use, but require a deep push into the case. A few downsides to e-ink are that there is no current backlight option, and there are no seconds indication available. Both are understandable given the nature of the screen, and are not merely left out of the design. e-Ink needs energy each time the screen "changes." If the watch were to count seconds, the screen would need to change each second, and thus use up too much energy. This way it only needs to change each minute. e-Ink does require a bit more voltage than a standard LCD display, but with the CR2025 battery, you should get 18-24 months of battery life. Plus, these types of batteries shouldn't be hard to find at non-watch stores as they are also used in non watch devices.

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You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a decent mechanical diver's watch. When ,000 and more per a watch isn't in accordance with your budget it can be hard to feed the watch lover need. A little bit of good advice and horological discovery are all you need to fill your drawers with fun watches that look good, work well, and won't break the bank. Here is the orange dialed version of the Orient "Mako" CEM65001M automatic diver's watch. It has an Orient made manufacture mechanical calibre 469 movement with day and date, as well as a study steel bracelet and a good look. The watch comes in several dial colors if orange isn't your style. Other dial colors choices include yellow, black, blue. The yellow dialed version is a special edition model that can be acquired on on Amazon.com. There are also a few bezel color options available. Just to compare, the top of the line Orient Diver's watch is this CFD0C001B timepiece that I reviewed here.

Springing from extremely positive reception the original Dievas Flieger Timer pilot watch received, Dievas Watch Company went on the exact route of accumulating the highest engineering specifications and product design to present the Vortex, a term synonymous with aero and fluid dynamics consummating an integral part of flight and aircraft design. On a quick glace, allowances should be made for casual onlookers to be exonerated for assuming the multi purpose Dievas Vortex to be merely another pilot watch. In actual fact this is much more. This is a watch designed as a precise time keeping instrument for currently active military, security and rescue personnel, overbuilt to withstand harsh conditions on land, sea and air. Focusing primarily on attention to detail, the watch is powered by the ever so reliable and proven Swiss automatic 28,000bhp mechanical automatic movement, ETA-2824-2, each adjusted to its maximum efficiency for the most accurate time by our experienced watchmakers.

Ariel is reviewing the Praesto Aviator Watch, so we discuss the design and watch font choices in general.  Some topics: Project X Rolex customizations.  Watches for pets.  Tiny little Rolex watches that fit around your dog's paw.  Panerai. Clown watches at the ATM. Old giant Russian watches.

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Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The Pro-Hunter Military Single Red DeepSea is different than the version without the term "Military Single" in it that it comes with military style NATO straps. The other version has a matching black steel bracelet. There are also some minor differences on the dial. The black applied material is DLC (diamond like carbon). You all know me for going ga-ga over this coating compound for its look and scratch resistance. Here it is done in a nice shiny manner. Pro-Hunter made just 100 of these watches.

Many, many of you want a simple and classic watch versus everything else that is out there. These watches don't have the immediate sex appeal of a lot of the complex or flashy watches that are out there, but instead grow on you like a good friend, instead of grow tiring once it takes you too long to figure out what time it is. This is the Union Glashutte Noramis, and this type of classic watch has just two hands, and a simple and appealing dial. Really just want you need to have you tell the time, but isn't minimalist in design. Faceted Dauphine hands with an index laden face and soft dial are perfect for that functional classy look that many search for. Here you can have a German Union Glashutte watch, for a good price, that will serve these need. And really, do you want to spend a lot on this?

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