HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 33

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 33

I mentioned that Jean-Claude wasn't a watch maker. This is true, but he is a watch lover. He is living his passion. From large brands to small brands, he has dedicated his professional life to the Swiss watch industry. JCB is also an avid watch collector. The bank holds his treasures, but treasures he has. I was amazed to learn that JCB is one of the new people who bid on those massively expensive Patek Philippe watch auctions. In fact, aside from Hublot, Patek Philippe is his other love. JCB does not wear Patek Philippe watches - he merely collects them. They are precious items, not to be worn. I understand him actually. This is the hallmark of a true collector. Never ruin the corpus of your collection with risky handling. Especially when some of these watches are easily in the million dollar plus range.

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The Max Bill watch is what you can call "concrete Bauhaus." I think this term neatly applies to the combo of Bauhaus design with a modern touch that evokes the beginnings of modern architecture from the 1950s and 1960s. Many of these architectural designs that I refer to may look a bit dated by today's standards, but the best pieces from this era both structures and items (like this watch) have a great contemporary relevance. The Max Bill watch was so good because of how functional it was, but still stylish. Undeniably easy to read, attractive, and soothing to the eye. The design did miraculous things with space and felt like something you wanted to wear.

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