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Pita Barcelona Oceana Diver's Watch: Sounds Delicious, Looks Great Watch Releases

The watch itself is styled mainly after traditional aviator watches. This is seen in the hands, hour indicators, and contrast of black and white colors. You'll notice the 12 o'clock marker as being that of the "typical" pilot watch. The aviation style is subdued a bit to make for the subdials and the addition of the text on the dial. The hands could be a bit bigger, but legibility is overall good. The hour and minute indicators are ample, and there is a helpful sloped chapter ring around the dial with additional markers. The chapter ring actually has more markers than necessary given the functionality of the chronograph, but it cosmetically enhances the look of the watch. Inside the watch is a 60 minute Japanese Miyota chronograph quartz movement (with date). Miyota is Citizen watch's movement maker. The layout of the subdials not exactly what you would think. Ordinarily one subdial would used for the main dial's seconds, and the other two for the chronograph, while the large seconds hand on the dial is used for the chronograph. Here, only one subdial is used for the chronograph. The other (aside from the subsidiary seconds at 6 o' clock) is a synchronized 24 hour hand. This means that all 60 minutes that are possible to be measured are placed in one small dial. The problem is that the dial only has indicators each 5 minutes - so if you want precision you sort of need to eye it - you can have to just make out what the chronograph reads between each 5 minute marker. Not the end of the world, but this is not the watch for people who need a precise reading chronograph timepiece. For most people, the synchronized 24 hour hand is more useful. A tasteful addition to the watch is the red subsidiary seconds hand, as well as the red tip to the chronograph seconds hand.

Perrelet, a seemingly quiet brand with TONS of potential, is going beyond print ads and marketing materials with this elegant video of the Perrelet Diamond Flower Rotor Watch. Which is a brilliant idea, especially for this model.

2013 In Review: Top Trends & Best Sellers

The major change with the 3-Timer for the Linde Werdelin line of watches is that it represents a stepping back from the aggressive looks to something more simple and classic. In what feels like a thematic homage to the Rolex Explorer, the face of the 3-Timer is "held back," emphasizing only what is necessary. Despite the smallish size of the hour indicators they should prove to be quite visible in the dark due to Linde Werdelin's typical use of C3 Super LumiNova luminant. The case is 46mm wide by 49mm tall. The case is very thin at 12mm thick. You also get 300 meters of water resistance.

There is already a lot of buzz going for this watch - so I am eager to see how else they expand upon this complication. And with a retail price starting approximately at ,000 is truly a steal. For such a Joillerie Horlogerie piece to be priced so modestly is alluring, to say the least.

New Face Of The Breitling Aerospace Watch For 2009

New Face Of The Breitling Aerospace Watch For 2009

Omega Speedmaster Day-Date Racing

Orient Racing Automatic CFT00004B Power Reserve Semi-Skeletonized Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The first thing you notice when holding a Nubeo watch is that they have a level of detail typically unseen in other timepieces. Edges are so perfectly cut, colors are vivid and sharp without holding back, lines are fluid and meld together. These are truly works of art that have been translated into haute horology, and imbued with a very high level of manufacturing pride. The first watch pictured is the Black Jellyfish in rose gold and rubber. The case features both brushed and polished surfaces and rubber is used in unique ways over the bezel. The strap is exquisite and you have these gold links that move like spinal vertebrae when you move or twist the strap. Part of the "organic" aspect of the design. The dial is meld of various textures and materials that remind you of sea shells and fossils. Still, the face of the watch is very easy to read. Inside the watch is a modified automatic ETA Valjoux 7750 movement. The traditional chronograph movement has the chronograph part of it taken out. The reason the movement is used is that it was likely the easiest way to have the subsidiary seconds dial placed in the correct position while still retaining a hardy movement that did not require a module to be placed on it. Actually across all Nubeo timepieces, I'd say the Valjoux 7750 is their favorite movement to use.

The most notable new feature is the guilloche machine engraved dial. See the images for a closeup of the fine decoration that isn't at all distracting. It works very well with the substantial hour indicators. Best part is how the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock hour indicators are all faceted. Never cliche, the Diavolo is an extremely well polished watch. The mirror finish makes it a grandly assertive statement on your wrist - and at about 44mm wide, people will notice. While it features the same case as the chronograph version of the Diavolo is just feels so different. The dial of the watch has been influenced by one of my favorite luxury sport watches of all time, the Roger Dubuis Easy Diver SAW K10 watch. You'll notice the similar hour indicators. This is no accident, and Marcello C. specifically wanted to make sure it reminded people of one of the best looking diving watches out there. The difference is that while the Roger Dubuis is Swiss luxury watch priced in the many thousands of dollars - the Marcello C. Diavolo will be under 00 (including overnight shipping).

Caliber 1863 Speedmaster Professional 3572.50

Cuervo Y Sobrinos Torpedo Pirata Moon Phase Watch, For Pirates Watch Releases

Skagen 355XLSSB Steel Collection Watch Review: Distinctly Danish Wrist Time Reviews Living with my Skagen for a while has told me a lot about a brand that I was missing in my collection. It isn't a watch like the other ones that I have; so obsessed with function, materials, and construction. It is a simple and elegant timepiece, about as simple as you'd want while working to perform its task well. The Danish minimalist design and attitude carry throughout the watch and make it easy to live with. It doesn't seek to replace my more rugged looking or functional watches. It is instead like a breath of fresh air on less serious days, when what you wear isn't nearly as important as having an attractive clean looking watch that no one can argue with. And then there is the price, which at at 5 retail (a bit less online in most places), makes this watch a bona fide bargain for what you get. I think the only way Skagen can keep the price low is because they enjoy a high volume of watches being made and sold each year - thus keeping costs per a unit down. It means a good value for you, and a testament to their worldwide high marketability. You won't find too many similar watches with a good value like this. And for that reason I am going to consider a good deal and a recipient of my Good Value award.

SIHH those energetic IWC Aquatimer Replica

Via la Montre Verte.

My Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Limited Edition Vancouver 2010 Olympics Watch Article On

My Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Limited Edition Vancouver 2010 Olympics Watch Article On

Staying with Daniel Roth’s personality as a watch company, the watch is not too large at 41mm wide by 44mm tall — very reasonable. You’ll notice the unique location for the chronograph mono-pusher at 7 o’clock on the case. The watch is available in two materials. First is something called 4435 Staybrite Marine Steel. This special grade of steel is specially designed to ward off corrosion, which is especially an issue with steel that is near or in saltwater. The other available case material is a black coated titanium. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

Longio 1000m Diving Tourbillon Watch Watch Releases

IWC Aquatimer Replica Limited Edition Inspired

The Moana Pacific watch will be available as a limited edition of just 500, with the first 100 pieces being more special. Flip the watch over and notice a special wood inlay on the caseback of the watch. The inlay also has a piece of Paua shell behind the Magrette logo. The wood is made from New Zealand Kauri wood. The wood is played under a crystal on the caseback  so as to protect it. Here is some cool information about the Kauri wood used that I just learned. Living Kauri trees are protected on New Zealand - so they aren't used. The wood used is actually prehistoric wood that has been preserved underground in the Kauri Swamps of New Zealand. The wood is harvested and then used for special purposes such as this - how cool is that? A real unique piece of New Zealand character if you ask me. Again, these special wooden inlays are available in the first 100 Moana Pacific watches only (read the caseback carefully and you can see the label "Ancient NZ Kauri Wood" spelled right on there).

Looking at the rear of the watch you see a fantastic thing, but I might need to explain it to you so that you can appreciate it. The case of the Jellyfish is made up of several parts, but do you see how they are all flush on the curved back? This is so hard to so, making sure each pieces is so exact in size that the rear of the watch feels like one solid piece if you run your finger over it. You can also see the kidney bean shaped sapphire window through which you can see the movement and the black textured automatic rotor.

Being a brand new owner of this exact watch, I can say this this is a giveaway worth entering. Magrette is New Zealand's only watch maker and certainly does the nation proud. I will be presenting a full review of the Magrette Kupe's Voyage watch, but until then you can enter to win one yourself. Founder Dion McAsey is what I call a "master of presentation." He knows how to give you a special warm feeling when you not only see the watch, but in how you experience the theme and story of the timepiece, as well as the actual presentation box and packaging. The giveaway is for the very last of the 10 limited edition watches.

NASA Artifacts In The Orland Park Library

la Montre Verte City Pulse Pollution Detecting "Green Watch" Feature Articles

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“Watchmen” Movie Nods To Mechanical Watches

“Watchmen” Movie Nods To Mechanical Watches

One of the new watches takes a case and covers it with vulcanized rubber, for one of the coolest looks of the new line. This style places a thin rubber coating on the surfaces of the watch. The look doesn't exactly make them appear "high-market" but it is functional, and protects the metal underneath. The Tiffany & Co. Mark T-57 had some watches that also experimented with use of vulcanized rubber. There is also the new bracelet/strap quick change feature. A clip on the watch makes these elements modular and easy to change. I like this a lot as depending on your mood or need, a diving watch needs to have a different strap. This is a great functional addition to the Aquatimer line.

Digital Revolution: Speedmaster X-33 Skywalker and earlier generations

Suunto doesn't make just "watches," but rather "wrist-top computers." This new line of watches has been designed in partnership with the International Triathlon Union (ITU). That means the watches have been designed for some serious and specific training use. The traditional training watch was light weight, had some timing functions, and that is it. Later models enjoyed such functions like heart rate monitors, and other cool functions. But the Suunto t6c Red Arrow is light years ahead of the "past." The watch is part of an optional modular system of "Pods," which are units that are GPS devices, or others that fit on shoes, bicycles, etc.. .to help measure distance and cadence. In addition to all this available data, the t6c Red Arrow takes all this information together and has some clever software that not only logs and plots it for you, but helps to calculate calories burned, Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), and Training Benefit (which is a measurement of the aerobic benefit of a training session, on a one-to-five scale). Little else out there does this, and only just a few more of you are familiar with these scales to keep tabs on. However, it is quite important when you are a serious triathlon trainer, or other athletic professional. One of the best features of the watches are the customizable displays that give you optional information at a glance - be it the time, your speed, cadence, heart rate, etc... The benefit to you is being able to adapt accordingly with having second by second updated information.

Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific Automatic Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Buzz Aldrin's Omega Speedmaster Professional

To really reward your dad this year, a Patek Philippe is most assuredly the way to go. What father, or any man for that matter, has seen the Patek Philippe "You never actually own a Patek Philippe - You merely look after it for the next generation" and not become emotional. Not even one little tear? Doubtful. Patek Philippe knows its market, and knows that a watch, whether new or handed-down, encapsulates all emotions and well-wishes better than anything else on the planet. So why not reward your dad or grad with a Patek Philippe Calatrava, whether in white or rose gold. This is a throw-back design, reminiscent of simpler times. This design will remain relevant and inspiring, no matter which generation holds it at the moment.

A Watch Gift Guide for Dads and Grads Watch Buying
Patek Philippe Calatrava Watch

The rear of the watch has a metric to standard conversion chart of some basic units of measurement that you might be interested in. This might come in useful once in a while for you, but consider the purist who will use it frequently. The case of the 44mm wide is constructed out of tegimented steel that is much harder that normal steel. The case is also water resistant to 200 meters and can resist magnetic fields of up to 80,000 A/M. Not a magnetism expert, so I am going to assume that is enough to fend-off Magneto level magnetic fields.

5 Important Speedmasters for Chronos

The Chapter Two watch will retail for ,000 and features the 18 rose gold case (white gold will likely be available in the future as well) and automatic movement with triple date complication (big date, day of the week, month). I've written about the Chapter Two watch pretty extensively, and covered it here, which includes the original video of the watch by Maitres du Temps themselves. I still get excited seeing how decorated the stylized rotor is visible through the back of the watch.

The Linde Werdelin 2-Timer watch (that I reviewed here) is growing up to be the 3-Timer. The differences are enough shed new light on a watch that had never even lost a sparkle of shine. With the 3-Timer you get a more elegant look with less emphasis on sport, heading into the, “this watch goes with a suit” range. Wearing the 2-Timer with business attire would make you look a bit like a superhero with a secret identity who accidentally forgot to remove one of their outfit components.

See this Orient Racing Automatic Ref. CFT00004B men's watches for sale at Orient here.

Longio 1000m Diving Tourbillon Watch

Longio 1000m Diving Tourbillon Watch