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Special Rolex Deepsea Replica

Speed is the chronograph mode, but is combined with a tachymeter scale to help you estimate speed. This is done by using two relative mile marker points (or other distance markers perhaps) in combo with the chronograph. Basically you measure the time it takes for you to go one mile, and a scale will tell you the speed digitally in the watch. I am sure this function can also be used as a normal chronograph.

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My Top 5 Vintage Omega Speedmaster Watches

As a design element, Raymond Weil pumps up the tachymeter around the bezel. I mean look how large it is. These are one of the least used features on watches around, and yet the Nabucco watches are designed to make it seem like you'd use a tachymeter (tachometric scale) on a daily basis. It does add aesthetic and character to the design, but I feel as though its placement just reaffirms the fact that many Raymond Weil watches are not made for serious watch lovers. And that is OK, we aren't a giant demographic. But satisfy us, and you've pretty much satisfied everyone else as well. Though interestingly enough, Raymond Weil watches are very popular in the US. Probably because of their distribution and comparatively reasonable prices for well-made watches.


Incoming Question From a Reader - What is the collectibility (level of desire) difference between the Professional, the automatic, and the racing?

Honestly, what can I really say about these watches that isn't clear from what you see. Designer Lego style digital timepieces from French designer JC de Castelbajac (JC DC). It is actually part of his whole future Lego wear lineup. You can see the Lego version of it in the video, and images from the real runway show below. Odd? Sure. Provocative? Maybe. "No darling, leave the Lego baseball cap on in bed, I like it that way." Weird stuff, but it is cool. The JC DC Lego watches comes in a number of colors - six versions to be exact. See them being worn all at the same time all Nicolas Hayek style.

The DI 300 uses a Swiss ETA 2836-2 automatic movement with a day/date complication. I experienced it keeping good time, and I really liked the smooth integrations of the day and date indicator indicators. The sweep seconds hands is fashionable with a needle style and in yellow.

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OMEGA Museum Photo Report

The long-awaited new steel version of the new generation of Rolex Submariner watches is here. The official name is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date. This is not a surprise release from the brand for 2010. However, the introduction of a standard green dial is something I didn't expect. Like clockwork, over the last few years Rolex has been updating their GMT Master II collection and then a white gold new Submariner. Last year, they released a new two-tone (steel and gold) Submariner watch with a blue or a black dial. It was only logical that this year would see the release of a new all steel Submariner, ref. 116610. This is most important because the steel versions are the most popular - given their position as having the lowest cost version of one of the most popular timepieces on the planet (if not the most popular luxury watch on the planet).

I think there has been some misunderstanding. A surprisingly low number of people entered to win the Puslar Men's Automatic watch. This really cool dress watch that has Pulsar made automatic movement, and is a nice 45mm wide in size. Pulsar is a Seiko group owned brand, and this timepiece is a glowing example of a modern, traditional Japanese mechanical dress watch. You can't sport a sport watch all the time? Retail price is 0. You have just a bit of time to enter before the giveaway ends at the end of August.

Case and dial

OMEGA Speedmaster Pro 145.012-67

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Volna Volnatomic Watches Are Radioactive Art

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Next is the Meteo (barometer) and Compass modes. These are pretty straight forward, though the Meteo function has a 6 hour histogram that helps you predict the weather and whether it will rain. Compass mode is always cool to use as the hands of the watch turn into the compass needle.

One For The Road: The IWC Replica in an AMG Roadster

Series limited to 200 pieces numbered from 01/200 to 200/200

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Seiko Active Matrix EPD e-Ink: The Digital Watch Is Back In Style

Saying "lower-end" is a bit of a misnomer. The Cartier Roadster S still starts at ,200, high roller figures to many. At the same time, a Cartier watch is worth saving up for compared to many other timepieces. Cartier makes a pretty polished watch. They have been doing so for a while, and mistakes they make in design are few and far between. Serious watch lovers are going to be most interested in pieces like their new Calibre collection that includes a brand new in-house made automatic movement, but Roadster fans will like this new watch. The Roadster S is certainly a Roadster, but a scaled down version. Further, people who find the original Roadster watch to be a bit strange in design will like the Roadster S. It retains the same shape, but with a different personality. I tend to think of it is a good "starter Cartier." It is not going to be easy to go from higher-end Cartier to the Roadster S, but the opposite situation in easily feasible. Nevertheless, the watch is a simple, yet highly satisfying timepiece for the vast majority of watch wearers.

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If you think about it, Porsche Design diver's watches are rare. In fact, this is only the brand's second dive watch. The first was the Ocean 2000, and that was made by IWC and came out in the early 1980s. That was a really fantastic watch actually. Of course, the Porsche Design Diver is something totally different compared to the previous diver from almost 30 years ago.

The limited edition Bell & Ross BR-01 Radar is collectible and different. As much as it is a serious, high-quality timepiece, its colorful indicators and peculiar arrangement make wearing the Radar enjoyable and fun. Like several of Bell & Ross' latest limited edition BR-01s, the Radar is not a watch for everyone, but perfect for some [Ed. note - some-one].

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Hublot really did something special with this watch, and it looks just great. Totally epitomizing what fresh Hublot designs can feel like. In addition to the great King Power model based design, this watch has two special innovations that you will really like.  First, is a world's first developed by Hublot - a red sapphire crystal. A few years ago Rolex developed a green colored sapphire crystal for their Milgauss watches. Hublot has done the same but with red. How cool does that look? Of course the crystal is just slightly red, so as to still be transparent.

The many dedicated people behind the project involve a company called Adventure Ecology and some highly dedicated sponsors. I don’t know if it is their sincere desire to work with positive projects that emphasize the values of the brand, or the charisma of project leader and Adventure Ecology founder David de Rothschild — but we are fortunate that projects like this get funded. Mr. de Rothschild has some laurels on his sleeve and past projects with the famous Swiss watch brand. He has climbed high and traveled to the coldest places on the Earth, and now his green message is taking to the seas. As you might expect, David is a character. Tall and slightly Jesus-like in appearance, he is well articulated in the details behind his projects. We spoke a bit about the details of the boat that floats via specially inflated 2 liter cola bottles, and he humored my more practical questions. What will you eat? Who will save you if the boat’s organic cashew nut glue decides it tastes good to sharks? Will anyone be following you? It is true that the vessel is experimental, but the people behind the project are well-seasoned and have thought in great detail about the journey. If sharks eat the boat (highly unlikely), they will not be followed by any ships, but will need to rely on their satellite phone for help who hopefully is only a day or two away. Oh, and the head on the ship makes an airplane lavatory feel luxurious.