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I love Stallone's remarks about Arnold Schwarzenegger in the clip. "Arnold is up to 60, I get a 55 and Arnold has to get a 60." Of course he is talking about the diameter of the watch face. 55 is really big, and 60mm, is well bigger. Regardless of the fact that large watches are in, there are more reasons to get one beyond trend conformity. Large watches make a bigger statement, are easier to read, and provide much more room for interesting complications or design themes. In order to compensate for their size, U-Boat watches place their crowns and chronograph pushers on the left side so that they don't dig in to one's wrist and are less prone to snag or get damaged. This is becoming more and more popular with large or activity orientated watches.


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In deciding the name for this blog I briefly played with the idea of titling it In doing so, I had to make sure that I could register the name domain name "" Therefore, you go to Network Solution, or any of the other registers and check the availability of the domain name. I did so, and to my surprise, the domain was taken! Who could have used my domain name?!

The Sinn 757 is the newest Sinn watch in the line up to house a Diapal movement. Before the 757, the 756 (same watch without a rotating bezel) was given a Diapal movement. Visually there are a couple of things which set the Diapal version apart from the normal version. The chronograph subdials remain the same black color, while the rest of the dial takes on a ghostly shade of gray. The UTC hand is now white, as opposed to yellow in the standard Sinn 757 UTC version. Further, there is a Diapal indicator on the face of the watch. Overall, it looks really cool.

There seems to be a constant feature ballet involving Citizen, Seiko, and Casio. The dance involves elegantly weaving in an increasing amount of technology into watches while making them look appealing at the same time. For a while Casio was prevailing in the feature category, but most of the watches succeed in looking "cool and techy" at best. No self-respecting watch lover would display their plastic endowed Casio G-Shock or Pathfinder in a meeting, or on a date. Over time Citizen and Seiko began to incorporate some technologies that made Casio watches so desirable, and likewise, Casio began to take styling cues advice from their Japanese brethren.

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One of the tell tale signs that Ocean7 Watch Company is new is that they sell directly via their website, and have a very friendly tone toward their customers. There are of course a limited number of retail locations to get their watches, but this type of "in store" deployment takes a good deal of effort. Understanding the potential risk involved in buying online, Ocean7 offers a no questions asked return policy. You only have three days to try the watch on, but it is reasonable enough. And relatively speaking, the prices of Ocean7 watches are low.

Classic Complication & Beauty In The Maitres du Temps Chapter One Watch Watch Releases

We can assume that Sellita has such technology because large brands such as Invicta have been buying from them at large for years. It is predicted that Sellita will step in ETA's shoes and start providing movements on a mass scale in the next few years. Right now, Sellita has a reputation for being a bit lower quality, but that will change in the coming years with high production, and consumer demand. We shall wait and see what role Sellita has in the next few years.

Sellita Movement Makers: A Little Bit of China In Switzerland Feature Articles
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I hope that you each like the new logo. In the coming months, you will ideally see a completely new shape and form to My hope is to create a blog as visually appealing ans useful, as it is interesting and stimulating. As such, your input, suggestions, and preferences are highly appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from as many as you as possible. Stay tuned for an always evolving and expanding

New Xemex Piccadilly Chronograph Watch Makes Minimalism, Less Minimalistic

New Xemex Piccadilly Chronograph Watch Makes Minimalism, Less Minimalistic

The LP Celano is highly functional watch as well, not just for show. The bezel rotates fluidly, yet securely. The red tipped arrow on the seconds hand is attractive, but also allows for easy viewing along with the arrow hour and minute hand. This gives me more of a reason to wear the watch rather than just the looks. The bracelet locks via a butterfly clasp which closes securely.

I am typically not one for celebrity gossip. As far as I am concerned, celebrities, for the most part, are just like you and me, but less intelligent, with more money, and with lots more free time on their hands. But when you combine watches and celebrities I get a bit interested, if not for sheer voyeuristic intentions.

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Streamerica watches are rare and sell quickly. This is no mystery given their very unique yet handsome design. To me, it brings back images of a different America. One that felt larger, more productive, and certainly one that designed more attractive products. In an era of form over function, it is nice to know that some things recall that functional looks can be endearing, and endlessly thought provoking.

Less then a month ago, I had never even seen electronic ink before. Now I'm reading books and newspapers daily on my Amazon Kindle, and telling time on the new Phosphor E Ink watch.

The Colosso is really not a very pretty watch. While it does not have an offensive shape or anything like that, it looks like a planetary spaceship (literally to carry the planet), or some wearable version of HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey (just imagine the little revolving earth as a red and black "eye"). The watch case is in either white or rose gold and is rather large as you can imagine. The case is shrouded in a large and well cut sapphire crystal, while there is of course a see-through caseback window. The movement is a 62 jeweled manually wound in-house movement from Hysek. I am glad that Hysek did not make a mockery out of this watch by placing a tourbillon in it. Now that would just be silly.


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By leveraging the power of feedback ratings you can ensure that you make wise purchasing decisions, and get all your problems dealt with properly. In the meantime, through positive feedback you can promote a sense of trust and credibility among the eBay population. The more feedback you have, the more other people are going to take you seriously and work with you for mutually satisfactory results.

The Kobold Phantom is but one a line of quality instrument watches that have become the hot-ticket item for many buyers. The retail price of the Kobold Phantom tactical watch is over ,200. A steep price given the almost equal Sinn 203 Arktis is about half that brand new. This is just what Kobold thinks the market will bear, and many do. Right now a Kobold Phantom is available on eBay for about ,500.

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Alternatively, there are tools that you can use to protect your content. If you use FeedBurner, you can track where your content is going, and then contact any unauthorized people who are displaying it. It is usually a good idea to allow for some people to use your content as long as they have your express permission. FeedBurner allows for detailed tracking of what and who is reading your content. It is further recommended that you use Google Analytics on your blog or website. Google Analytics is a free and powerful service from Google that provides an amazing level of detailed information regarding access to your website. You can even perform a mere Google search on the titles of your articles or postings to see if they are placed on other sites.

Jacob & Co. Lord Of The Bling Dances His Way Into Jail; No, Not For Selling Fugly Watches Watch Industry News Jacob & Co. Lord Of The Bling Dances His Way Into Jail; No, Not For Selling Fugly Watches Watch Industry News It is no secret that bling happy hip hop stars often lack what I personally would describe as good taste. A few years ago, their newest craze was the almost now ubiquitous (in some circles) Jacob & Co. line of watches jam packed with diamonds and kids colors. Recently however, the gaudy watch company has put emphasis in to horological complications with such watches like the Quentin with its many day power reserve and tourbillon. But these watches do maintain to their heritage, of being jewel encrusted watches for those who really don't care what time it is.

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The Citizen BM6400 Watches


RSW Outland Automatic Watch Ditches Hands For Disc 'Digilog' Display Watch Releases
RSW Outland 44mm Special Ops All Black Automatic Watch
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Lots of other nice features grace this watch. It is easy to see why they have become popular with unique looks and lots of tasteful details. This particular watch originally went for almost ,000, and is now available for about 0. A really good deal consider the watch is still new. Check out this NauticFish and its related Schaumburg, and Lindburgh & Benson watches.

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YES Watches Offer Celestial Time Telling At A Glance

YES Watches Offer Celestial Time Telling At A Glance

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IWC Vintage Ingenieur Watch Does Vintage Engineers And Scientists Proud Watch Releases

This article should benefit your perception of media and advertising. Today I take issue with use of terms such as "over sized, over stuffed, over...anything." They make me angry! And I'd like you to feel the same way anytime you see or hear them.

In terms of repair and restoration, here are the major things that IWW will get done for you. First is movement restoration. This when you have an old, or non-functioning movement that need to work again. Or it could be partially functioning and just need a "tune-up." The complexity and cost of movement restoration really varies depending on a lot of things. So be patient with anyone when you have a rare watch, or one that needs lots of work. Remember how hard it can be to get parts for anyone no matter how good they are. You can also have case and dial restoration. Polishing, fixing, mending, buffing, and painting are all things available based on what you need. They will also reluminate or place extra luminant on watch hands and faces for a restored glow, or extra glow in the dark.

Rolex Datejust II

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Review of the Traser Classic Automatic From

Review of the Traser Classic Automatic From

The article by Robert on FratelloWatches illustrates this concept well, and attempts a few partial explanations. While the reasons are not all clear, the consumer knows about the status quo of many a watch company, and their timid relationship (or even outright aggression) when it comes to the internet and "authorized dealer" maintenance.